Toyota develops a portable device for blind and visually impaired people

Toyota BLAID

Toyota is actively developing innovative technologies to increase the mobility and independence of blind and visually impaired people. Thus, within the framework of the BLAID project, a wearable U-shaped device is being developed. It is attached to the shoulders and in its functions fills the gaps inherent in the traditional means-assistants – sticks, guide dogs and GPS-devices.

A new generation of portable devices will provide visually impaired people with information about their surroundings and help to find auxiliary elements inside the premises – escalators, stairs and toilet rooms. To do this, Toyota expects to use the built-in camera. Information from it will be broadcast through the speaker and vibrator.

Toyota BLAID

Users will be able to interact with wearable devices using voice recognition technology, as well as a system for identifying objects and recognizing faces.

Within the framework of the project, the company offers its employees to provide video of the main objects of internal premises, through which developers will “teach” BLAID devices to recognize them .

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