Students from Belgium developed a scorpion robot attacking the victim with a tail

Robot Scorpion

This is, perhaps, one of the most terrible robots created in recent times. His appearance in the world, he is indebted to students of the University of Ghent (Belgium) – Robbie Terrin, Stefan Flemand and Peter Deconink. As Robbie Terrin told, their main goal was to demonstrate the possibilities of mechatronics by creating a robust robot with a set of intuitive functions.

As a living prototype, it was decided to use a scorpion. His legs, tail and claws, could not be better suited for the implementation of these functions. For their manufacture, modern technologies were used – three-dimensional printing, laser cutting and machining on a CNC milling machine.

So, the modules for the legs and tail were printed on a 3D printer, and the body – cut out of two sheets with a laser. Frame construction is made of two 6-mm plates. Inside it channels are laid for cables. All the links of the frame are connected by special latches. In the tail of the scorpion-hexapod, a red marker is mounted to fix the damage to the “prey”.

Robot Scorpion

The robot can move in all directions, overcome obstacles and strike the tail. To detect objects, an infrared sensor and a front camera are used. Compared to its predecessor , the ant- robot in the scorpion robot employs more advanced digital technologies and autonomous functions.

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