Earthlings can fight asteroids with the help of space lasers


The system DE-STAR for many years was considered science fiction. However, recent experiments have proved that it is quite viable. Physicists at the University of California claim that using unmanned spacecraft equipped with powerful lasers, it will be possible to warm asteroids flying to the Earth and, thereby, to change the trajectory of their flight.

It will look like this. Under the influence of a powerful laser, the asteroid will start throwing away the hot rock like a jet engine of correction, and its trajectory will swerve to the side. It is assumed that DE-STAR will “hunt” for asteroids at distant approaches to the Earth at a distance of more than 3 million kilometers.

This technique was tested in the laboratory. The laser was exposed to a piece of basalt in a composition reminiscent of asteroids. When the heated side was heated to white, the basalt began to shift to the side, just as it would be in space.

DE-STAR system

According to one of the participants in the research of Travis Brezhers, this process is called sublimation or evaporation, due to which a solid or liquid substance turns into gas. In turn, the gas forms a plume – a mass ejection that generates the opposite thrust.

In the course of the experiment, an imitation of a rotating asteroid was also carried out. In order to slow down its rotation, scientists used a combination of powerful magnets and lasers.

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