DARPA introduced the concept of a multi-engined aircraft with vertical take-off

VTOL X-plane

The aircraft called VTOL X-plane is a futuristic biplane with vertical take-off. It is expected that it will be built and ready for testing in 2018.

VTOL X-plane won the competition among similar experimental models, conducted by DARPA (US Advanced Military Development Agency). Authors of the concept, a group of engineers from Virginia, took as a basis the previously created drone. The winners received a prize of $ 89.4 million, which will help them successfully complete this project.

VTOL X-plane

The aircraft is a drone with two large rear wings and two smaller ones in the bow. The turboprop engine, located in the fuselage, develops 4000 horsepower. It in turn sets in motion 24 channel propellers, 18 of which are in large wings and 6 in small ones.

VTOL X-plane
VTOL X-plane

At take-off, the wings rotate perpendicular to the surface, and after climbing, they assume a horizontal position. Cruising speed VTOL X-plane is 556 km / h, maximum – 741 km / h, payload – from 4,5 to 5,4 tons.

The developers have relied on the creation of an aircraft on electric traction in a manned and unmanned version .

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