Startup Joby will create a flying taxi with rotary screws

Joby startup appeared in 2015 and immediately presented its concept of an aircraft with the technology of vertical take-off and landing. Now, two years later, the company was able to attract more than a hundred million dollars of investment. Eminent companies also invested in the development, among them, for example, Intel is listed.

The developers introduced their own system of horizontally oriented propellers, which will help to drive the device and should save considerable battery power during flight. Efficiency in flight will be achieved due to the fact that the aircraft has wings, like an airplane, and after take-off, the propellers located on them move to a vertical position.

Now that the company has enough money, the developers are going to start building the first working prototype of an aircraft. Approximate terms are not yet reported, but, apparently, the assembly will take at least a couple of years. Meanwhile, Joby's competitors are already showing similar aircraft in action. For example, Volocopter, one of the investors of which is also Intel, has already shown a flying prototype some time ago on CES.

The representatives of the company declare that they will try to ensure maximum safety for the passengers, make the device as quiet as possible and try to find the ideal ratio between the speed and range of the flight.

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