“Smart” toys help children to join the future of high technologies

Dash and Dot

Traditional toys and games that set rules and told children what to do are a thing of the past. With the advent of a new generation of high-tech “smart” toys and applications that a child can set up or program himself, the former approach no longer works. Their main goal is to help children learn the basics of modern technology, engineering and mathematics.

“The new generation of toys enables the child to simultaneously be a director and a programmer. “Says Warren Buckleiter, editor of Children’s Technology. – This is not at all what happened during my fairly passive childhood. After all, learning theorists say that active children learn faster than passive ones. “

In February, a conference was held in New York dedicated to digital toys. The main idea of ​​most of its exhibits is the involvement of children in the game process and the development of computer skills, which will help them many years later become competitive specialists.

A vivid example of such toys is the robots Dash and Dot. They give the child the ability to create an algorithm of behavior with the help of a mobile application, thus opening a wide scope for imagination.

Dash and Dot

Do not stay away and parents. Joint research conducted by BSM media and Digital Kids agencies showed that 65% of them are willing to pay for the purchase of “smart” developing toys that contribute to the formation of children’s interest in the main areas of science and technology.

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