Electromotocycle from Harley-Davidson will appear on the roads in 2019

The legendary motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson said that it is working on creating a motorcycle with an electric drive. According to the company's representatives, the future is for sustainable transportation, so it is necessary to continue developing this direction.

The prototype of the electric bike is called Livewire – its company introduced in 2014. He could drive only 85 kilometers on one charge and was a very crude demonstration of where Harley-Davidson is heading. Since then, the company has not reported that it is working on a serial model of electric motorcycles. Now its representatives announced that a new eco-friendly bike will appear on the roads already in 2019.

The company hopes to launch a new motorcycle with unimportant business – last year the manufacturer closed one of the plants and reported a sales decline, but with the release of an electric motorcycle company plans not only to improve matters, but also to become a leader among other manufacturers.

The head of the company Matt Levatic noted that the modern market of electric motorcycles is in its infancy, but the company representatives are confident that premium-class Harley-Davidson motorcycles will stimulate interest in electric two-wheeled transport.

Details and technical specifications, the developers have not yet reported, noting that they will publish them closer to the release of the motorcycle. It is not entirely clear whether the novelty will be a logical continuation of the Livewire prototype series, or it will be something completely new, but in any case it will not be long to wait.

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