While we watched YouTube, the scammers of the minilane on our PCs

While we watched YouTube, scam minnials on our PCs – high-tech and advanced news on Hi-News.ru

While you were browsing YouTube videos, your personal computers and other gadgets probably secretly secreted crypto currency for intruders. About this stated specialist on cyber security Troy Marsh.

Marsh writes that for the mining in this case the Coinhive service code was used, which the miners learned to build into advertising for the popular video hosting. Advertisements are posted through the DoubleClick platform from Google, and attackers, having carefully studied all of its nuances, were able to use the search engine's tool for their own purposes. Up to 80 percent of the PC's capacities can be used without any problems for the Montero crypto currency mining – it was produced by unsuspecting YouTube viewers.

Marsh explained that the choice of "black miners" fell on YouTube due to the fact that on this site people spend quite a lot of time watching hours of various videos. Moreover, often users simply include a selection of clips, and then go off to do their own business or even sleep. But the longer the user keeps YouTube open in the tabs, the more crypto currency you can earn from scammers.

"Mining crypto-currencies through advertisements on our and not only the site is a relatively new scheme of fraud. We try to keep abreast of all such threats, constantly monitoring them through a multi-level detection system that is independently updated as new unauthorized forms of service are identified, "the YouTube administration responded to user messages, while noting that all such threats were removed through a couple hours.

Nevertheless, cybersecurity experts say that such ads could be broadcast on YouTube for more than a week.

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While we watched YouTube, the scammers of the minilined on our PC

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