The fitness application uncovered the secret coordinates of the US military bases

Fitness application has uncovered the secret coordinates of US military bases – reviews, programs, instruments, reviews from the world of navigation and control on

Numerous fitness trackers and fitness applications allow you to track your results and find the best routes for jogging and walking in your city. But sometimes such programs can be a threat to national security. That's exactly what happened with the Strava application, whose users accidentally gave out the coordinates of the military bases of the US and other countries to everyone.

The fact is that Strava gives a general access to the global world map, on which routes for training are marked. And the more popular the route, the brighter it is displayed on the Strava map. Large cities, which is logical, are completely covered by a network of such routes. But what was the surprise of the users when they found bright places in the desert regions of Syria and Afghanistan. The first to react to this was the military analyst Nathan Rasher on his tweet.

"The work of Strava is admirable, but from the point of view of the security of servicemen there is nothing delightful: the online tool allows you to clearly see the location and layout of military facilities, routes inside and outside bases" .

But that's not all. The network user ID allows you to see the specific person who passed this route and learn about all his movements, which indicates the poor anonymity of the application. For a short period of time it was possible to find on the map Strava objects that are not available on public satellite maps like Google Maps or Apple cards. Now the military is analyzing the consequences of publishing the map on the Web, and the developers of Strava say that it's not worth worrying, because the application contains security settings that allow you to set private zones on the map.

The fitness application disclosed the secret coordinates of US military bases


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