Intel will get rid of the AR-unit – high-tech and advanced news

Intel will get rid of AR-unit – high-tech and advanced news on

Intel company , according to Bloomberg, is going to sell a controlling stake in its unit working on the creation of augmented reality technology. Earlier the company planned to release "smart" Vaunt glasses in 2018, but it seems that the idea will be realized not by it, but by the new lucky owner of the unit, or the project is completely curtailed.

The source, who provided this information to Bloomberg, reported that Intel estimates the unit at 350 million dollars and is already preparing the necessary documents. The team worked on the glasses, able to connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth. To be engaged in production was the company Quanta Computer, who will create glasses on technology Superlite after the sale – is unknown. Intel representatives declined to comment.

Augmented reality has not yet been implemented by any of the developers at the proper level – the headset from Microsoft is too expensive, and it is of interest only for a narrow circle of consumers, and its closest competitors are still developing their AR-devices. Some manufacturers, although they produce devices with functions of augmented reality, could not provide users with enough software, limiting the functionality of AR-headsets to a pair of demos.

Intel will get rid of the AR-unit


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