Ford introduced the concept of an unmanned police car

Ford introduced the concept of unmanned police car – reviews and news of software on

Automotive concern Ford announced the purchase of Autonomic and TransLoc, together with which they will work on the concept of autonomous transport for the carriage of passengers and commercial delivery of goods. As the press-service of the auto concern informs, disembodied cars created by Ford with the support of TransLoc will be able to orient themselves on the terrain, creating optimal routes, and will interact with each other and with infrastructure objects using the cloud service Transportation Mobility.

In addition, unmanned technology Ford is going to introduce and in police cars. At least the company has applied for a patent registering such an opportunity. In the short description of the patented technology we are talking about new software that allows the car to pursue drivers independently without exposing the police to danger. The driver in this mode will be able to sit behind the wheel, but the autopilot will intercept control completely.

The machine itself will be able to calculate the possible routes of the violator of traffic rules and, if necessary, will contact the speeding car. If driving a driver, the police car will send a request for a copy of his driver's license and other documents. After this, the patrol car itself will issue a fine or issue a warning.

No information is given on how soon Ford plans to realize its ideas. Probably, this long-term project will still require new developments that will have to be tested for more than one year.

Ford introduced the concept of an unmanned police car


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