Taiwan's capital transfers state services to the distributed registry database

Taiwan's capital transfers state services to a distributed registry database – high-tech and advanced news on Hi-News.ru

The Taipei government and the company IOTA Foundation, together with the startup BiiLabs are preparing to launch new services in the city with the technologies of the distributed registry and Internet of things. At the first stage, it is planned to create a single system for the identification of TangleID citizens and to start producing portable devices capable of issuing information on the environmental situation.

IOTA developers have created Tangle, a proprietary block-based technology that does not use blocks, but will translate into the creation of a new service, to which part of the city services are to be transferred. The pilot project will be TangleID, a unified citizen identification system that will protect citizens from scammers and provide access to various public services. Using a single TangleID card, users can get medical help, seek legal advice or take part in elections. In addition, in the future, it is planned to create a micro payment system and a data market on the Tangle cryptographic platform.

Pocket devices with built-in sensors will help determine the humidity, pollution, lighting and temperature outside the window. The sensors will be integrated into the Airbox system, which at the beginning is planned to equip all homes and educational institutions.

Nothing is reported about further plans for the development of Internet services for things and the city block-platform, but it is clear that the project will expand with the involvement of new partners and investors.

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The capital of Taiwan transfers state services to the distributed registry database


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