Skywall – portable complex for fighting “bad” drones


“Population” of drones is growing rapidly. The absolute majority of them are our irreplaceable assistants, who perform a lot of useful functions. However, being in the hands of intruders, drones can be dangerous.

British engineering company Open Works has developed a manual complex Skywall to combat “bad” drones. Shooting is carried out from the shoulder. The range of damage is 100 meters, weight – 10 kg. The recharge time is 8 seconds. As a damaging element, a network is used that is inside a special projectile.

Portable complex Skywall

The shell itself is fired with compressed air. Immediately after the shot, the network spreads and entangles the drone. After that, the “captive” is landed using a parachute.


The Skywall is equipped with a SmartScope sight, consisting of a laser rangefinder and an inertial guidance system. The sight calculates the range and trajectory of the target’s flight, as well as the trajectory of the striking element. The shooter recognizes the target capture by a continuous sound signal. In case of a miss, the projectile descends on a parachute and can be re-used.

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