Atari showed a non-game prototype of a new console "VCS" on GDC 2018

In June last year the gaming company Atari announced a new retro game console Ataribox, and after some time went to IndieGoGo to collect enough money there to realize the idea. Eleven months later, it became known that the new console, whose design is inspired by the classic Atari 2600, will be called the Atari VCS.

Unfortunately, developers still do not report details about its "stuffing," but at the GDC 2018 the company representatives demonstrated a non-game

It is already known that VCS has an HDMI connector, an Ethernet port and four USB ports. In addition, in addition to the classic game controllers, the console will support modern wireless gamepads. The price of the basic set will be about 300 dollars.

Previously it was reported that pre-orders for the new Atari console will start already in April 2018, but that was before the company encountered some problems at the development stage, so its release could be postponed. This is very likely, because until now no one has heard anything about the starting line, and in general about what will be for the games.

In any case, nothing prevents yet just to admire the updated gallery of images of the console, kindly prepared by the developers.

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