At the exhibition CES visitors will carry the passenger drone Workhorse

For the first time, the Workhorse SureFly Octopter was introduced at the Paris Air Show last June, though only in the “ground” version. Just the other day, he will make his first test flight after receiving the certificate of airworthiness of the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). And the next week, January 8, he will attend the annual CES exhibition in Las Vegas.

It is assumed that during the exhibition workhorse will be free to transport visitors CES. The Octocopter is equipped with four working screws on spaced racks rotating in opposite directions. At the first stage SureFly will be managed by the pilot, and in the future an unmanned version will be developed.


Workhorse, unlike its competitors, air taxi Volokopter , Ehang , Autonomous Passenger Drone, flying exclusively on electric traction, is equipped with a hybrid power plant “electric motor / DVS”, which provides a flight for a distance of up to 112 km with a cargo of up to 180 kg.

Workhorse has already received the FAA airworthiness certificate, which allows it to begin test flights in Nevada. The management of the company hopes that finally the FAO okto-copter will give its final approval at the end of 2019.


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