The application from Spain turns the phone into a rescue Wi-Fi lighthouse

Alicante University has developed a technology for travelers and tourists, which allows you to turn a smartphone into a kind of emergency lighthouse. To do this, you need an accessory in the form of a small antenna and an application. The highlight of the novelty is that it works on the basis of Wi-Fi and is designed for use outside the coverage areas of cellular communications.

The principle of operation is simple: if a person is in trouble and he does not have a stable connection, he turns on the application and it starts sending a message via Wi-Fi periodically with a call for help. In the message you can specify that you are injured or lost, add your GPS coordinates, and thanks to the portable antenna the signal is received a few kilometers away. Anyone who has a regular smartphone with Wi-Fi support, will be able to take such a signal and come to the rescue.

The developers say that there are no systems in the world that use Wi-Fi for geolocation in this way. There are devices that can send a working mobile phone to calculate its position using the triangulation method. But there is such an installation of $ 80,000 and mounted on transport. Here – the simplest accessories at no more than $ 700 per set.

The beacon for the smartphone has already been tested by specialists of the Spanish Coast Guard, mine rescue service and military seamen.