Siberian scientists forced the crystals to jump

Scientists have created bouncing crystals

In the view of most people, crystals are something stable, durable and resistant to external influences. Materials created by Siberian scientists from the International Tomography Center also have a crystalline structure, but, unlike their “stable relatives”, they lead a very active “way of life”.

Once exposed to radiation or sudden changes in temperature, they start, like chameleons, change their color and even jump.

According to the director of the center Victor Ovcharenko, this occurs as a result of the decomposition process, which is accompanied by the release of oxygen. As it accumulates, internal tension builds up, and tiny reservoirs burst. The liberated energy is transformed into a “jump”. To “cool the fervor” of moving crystals, they are placed in a refrigerator.

Specialists of the Center have developed compounds that take on a bright color in cold conditions, which also contradicts the established ideas. The matter is that, as a rule, at a low temperature, substances “turn pale”.

According to Ovcharenko, the materials already created will become the basis of sensors and indicators of a new generation that react to radiation and are able to withstand the extremely low temperatures of the cosmos or the Arctic in the not too distant future. Interest in the new Russian development has already been shown by Japanese specialists with the intention to create on their basis sensitive seismic sensors .

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