How to make a mini-Bulgarian from improvised means

Mini Bulgarian

“Bulgarian” or hand circular saw is an excellent tool that is always useful in the farm. But this device is unlikely to be called pocket, and carrying it with you is extremely inconvenient. However, there is an option – to make a mini-Bulgarian with their own hands.

All necessary spare parts can be selected from unnecessary things. What we need: an iron lid from Coca-Cola, a miniature electric motor, a battery , a rod from a ballpoint pen and a switch.

We fasten the battery, the switch and the electric motor with the help of hot melt adhesive and a pair of wooden sticks. Next, straighten the iron cover with a hammer and cut out the “teeth” on it. The resulting cutting disc is inserted on a piece of the rod and attached to the axis of the motor. Everything is mini dremel ready.

More detailed instructions can be seen in the video.

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