Climate control or fiction? Review of Boneco H680

Climatic complexes are devices that combine several functions to create a comfortable microclimate at home or in the office. Their task – purification and humidification of air. Plus some additional "chips": ionization or air aromatization. We decided to test the climate complex in the matter: is it good or bad when there are several functions in one device? There is an opinion that it is better when everything is separate.

The climate complex Boneco H680 will cost 60,000 rubles *. Checked: how to clean and moisturize the air, is it convenient? Even sniffed at the function of aromatization:

* All prices in the material are current on the date of publication.

How the climate complex works

Several plastic technologies are assembled in the plastic case of the Boneco H680. Clean the air filter system. At the first stage, the plastic stack – a pre-filter (detachable, washable) – detains large dust, hair, hair.

Boneco H680 climate system

Next – a twin hybrid filter made of HEPA-component, with coal impregnation. He must catch a dangerous for human health small dust (suspension) and fight with odors, gaseous pollution. This filter periodically requires replacement and costs 4,990 rubles. explains:

A fine suspension in air (up to 2.5 μm in diameter) is multi-component: pollen and other allergens, bacteria, viruses, car tire particles, asphalt and sand, microparticles of human skin and domestic animals, house dust. This is the most dangerous pollution, which, due to small dimensions, penetrates into the lungs and accumulates there, causing various diseases.

Plus, exhaust gases, plant emissions, aerosol particles (hair spray, air freshener), household chemicals, carpeting and even some furniture. And tobacco smoke and other smells. All this is in the air we breathe, although the nature of the contamination is everywhere different.

Boneco H680. Hybrid HEPA filter and prefilter

Humidification is a traditional method: air collects moisture by passing through a special sponge filter, which slowly rotates (constantly wetting) in a special pan with water. Water comes from a removable tank in the back of the device, and the sponge filter can be washed and even washed in a washing machine.

Coal impregnation of the filter: to neutralize odors and gaseous air pollution

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To prevent the "wrong" bacteria from being poured into the pan, molds, spores easily spread from airflow, a disinfection cartridge is provided. It uses silver ions and it sometimes needs to be changed. It is worth – 2 699 rubles.

Boneco H680. Moisturizing filter and water disinfection cartridge

The engine and fan are responsible for the passage of air through the Boneco H680. The air is drawn into the device in the front part (around the perimeter of the removable front panel), passes through all the filters and leaves on the sides of the main body. The speed of air through the complex can be changed.

Boneco H680. Fan driving air through the filter system

With electronic control, it is easy to select the optimum operating mode. The main three: just cleaning the air, only moisturizing or combined. Which exactly works is easy to understand by looking at the display – or the light scale is active on the left, or on the right, or both.

Daniil Golovin, expert

It should be understood that when switching modes, the trajectory of the airflow inside the complex does not change in any way. Simply, if you activate only cleaning, stops rotating and the spongy filter is constantly wetted – humidification is minimized. And if, for example, to include only humidification, then the air still passes through all the filters (that is, cleared) – there is simply no other way.

Pro scales on the display say separately. The left shows air quality, focusing on the data of the built-in fine dust sensor. The more red segments in the scale – the dirtier the air (of specific values, alas, no). The right scale is the relative air humidity percentage.

Boneco H680. Display

There are special functions. AUTO is a constant air purification plus maintenance of its humidity at a comfortable level of 50%. SLEEP mode – it can be switched on during sleep, rest: minimum fan speed (low noise) and humidity maintenance at 45%.

The BABY mode is actual in the children's room: the fan speed varies and moisture content is about 60% (its level for young children should be slightly higher than for adults.)

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In addition, the Boneco H680 has an on / off timer. And the air aromatization mode – in a special capsule you can pour essential oil and enjoy your favorite aroma.

The main characteristics of the Boneco H680 climate system:

– dimensions (H × W × D): 49 × 43.5 × 34.7 cm
– weight (without water): 10,4 kg
– power: 30 W
– treatment area: up to 100 m²
– water tank capacity: 10 liters
– maximum intensity Humidity: 1000 ml / hr
– Water shortage signal
– Main filter and disinfection cartridge replacement signal
– Signal of necessity of device cleaning
electronic control with display
– remote control included
– Country of Origin: Czech Republic


The test consisted of several stages. First, we studied the convenience of the Boneco H680 – the user should not have any difficulties in the process of "communicating" with the device.

With the help of a dust cushion and a fine dust laser analyzer, the quality of air purification was checked: sprayed near the complex and the quality of the air emerging from it intensity of work.

Is there any benefit of air cleaning? The answer is in our video:

The hygrometer checked the moistening, comparing the results to the test and after 60 minutes of operation in the mode of cleaning and humidifying the air.

We estimated the aromatization of the air – poured essential oil where it should and sniffed (and at the same time found out how convenient in general, pour oil.)

Finally, noise was measured by a noise meter: they checked the indicators in the SLEEP mode (whether the complex does not interfere with rest) and at maximum power.

Test results

The indicators for convenience are average. From the device at such a price, you expect that it will be more convenient. There is no problem with analysis and collection. But I did not like the too big water tank (34 cm high) – it's inconvenient to pour water in it.

Boneco H680. A water tank with a capacity of 10 liters, a height of 32 cm – pouring water is not always convenient

The remote control leaves much to be desired: it is not informative, not particularly thought out ergonomically, and just looks very inexpensive.

To pour in essential oil and run aromatization of air, you need to half disassemble the climate system: those who constantly want to use this function will quickly get tired of it.

Boneco H680. The remote control leaves much to be desired, and it's hard to get to the aroma-oil container

Finally, I would like some pens on the case or small chassis to move the Boneco H680 over the room. It's not huge, but it's not very tiny, plus the weight is more than 10 kg (without 10 liters of water in the tank) – this point, in our opinion, also needs improvement.

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But the manufacturer can be proud of the results of air purification. In the first case, when translated into a metric system of measures, the complex was able to completely free air from fine dust larger than 0.5 μm – the laser analyzer showed 0 (see video). Initially, the air was very dirty: about 5,650,000 dust particles in a cubic meter.

Boneco H680. Measurements by the laser analyzer of fine dust showed high quality of air purification

All is well and with humidification: for an hour the humidity has increased by about eight percent. The aromatization mode (if you forget about the inconvenient oil content) also showed itself well – we felt a light aroma of lavender, which is quite understandable: "knocking down" even the favorite aroma should not. clarifications on air quality:

– from 0 to 265 000 particles with a size of 0.5 microns in 1 m ³ – magnificent clean in air
– from 265 000 to 530 000 particles of the size of 0.5 micron in 1 m³ – high quality, clean
– from 530 000 to 1 100 000 particles with a size of 0.5 microns in 1 m³ – good quality
– from 1 100 000 up to 3 700 000 particles from 0.5 μm in 1 m³ – medium quality, purification is desirable
– from 3,700,000 to 10,600,000 particles with a size of 0.5 μm in 1 m³ – poor quality, cleaning is required
– from 10 600 000 – very dirty air, urgent cleaning is needed

Noise at the minimum power – about 45 dB: rest will not hurt. And at a maximum – about 50 dB, which fits into the manufacturer's specified values. In general, this climate complex is noisy.

The design did not cause editorial enthusiasm, but the ugly Boneco H680 is not called. We decided that we will not reduce the assessment for appearance – it is quite modern.

Boneco H680. The design did not inspire the editorial staff, but the complex looks quite modern

The verdict of

The main flaws were revealed when checking the convenience of the climate complex. Boneco H680 receives a "three" rating for this parameter, which is somewhat frustrating given the high price of the climate complex.

The remaining estimates (for basic functions and design) are the "five". The overall score for the test is 4.3 points.

The manufacturer, putting such expensive devices on the market, should pay more attention to their convenience. What is forgivable for models at a price of up to 10,000 rubles is strange for standing 60,000. Our opinion: The Boneco H680 works well, but is not very user-friendly

What is an inexpensive air humidifier capable of? We checked the model cheaper than 5,000 rubles of unusual design:

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