China launched the world’s first quantum communication satellite, inaccessible to breaking

Launch of a rocket with a satellite

China launched the world’s first quantum communication satellite, in which subatomic particles are involved to securely exchange data between two subscribers. Its full-scale launch will finally put an insurmountable barrier in the way of hackers . If successful, the Chinese satellite can become the first cell of the global quantum communication network.

The satellite was launched into orbit by a Long March-2D carrier rocket from the cosmodrome at Jiuquan Base in the Gobi Desert on Tuesday morning. According to Alexander Ling, lead researcher at the Center for Quantum Technologies in Singapore, millions of people all over the world want to have a safe connection at the quantum level. The palm of priority in this direction now belongs to China.

The satellite is named in honor of the Chinese scientist – Micius. It has a crystal, with which you can encode the keys of encryption of quantum particles transmitted to the Earth. Only subscribers participating in the session can read the received messages. When attempting to hack hack, messages change their form in such a way that it immediately becomes known to the sender.

While quantum messages are sent only in a “terrestrial” way. With the advent of the satellite network, the speed of their sending and the area of ​​distribution will increase manyfold. There may be other ways of using this technology.

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